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Our Platform Perks

Retreats Are Booming

More and more people are finding value in enriching group experiences over typical vacations. This means more competition for organizers and properties and the need to stand out. Our one-stop shop is here to help.

Our Groups Are Just Less Work

Retreats mostly take care of themselves. You only have to check them in once and our Organizers take care of their group after that. We figured out their itinerary months in advance, so you can relax.

ROI On Repeat

Once an Organizer’s retreat is finished and they’ve fallen in love with your property, where do you think they’ll host their next retreat? Probably where they just got heaps of marketing content and local knowledge!

How We Help You

Marketing Partner

The moment you approve a retreat, our team gets to work creating dozens of custom marketing materials to promote the retreat and your property across our collective channels.

Design And Upsells

Reservations, invoicing, retreat management, cancellations, refunds, up-sales and automated emails. We do a ton behind the scenes.

Pease Of Mind

No last minute cancellations, trusted and insured organizers, prompt payments. We know your headaches and we’ve got you covered.

What We Ask From Our Partners

Help Us Help You

Running any excursions or activities? Awesome! Please share them so we can add them to our itinerary builder. Retreats will launch quicker and you gain an upsell opportunity. That’s a win/win.

Be Close By

To ensure a smooth check-in and the ability to resolve onsite issues, we ask every owner to either be at the property themselves or have someone (a local host) that can be onsite within an hour.

No Reservation Fee

We use a crowdfunding model to hit presale goals (the cost of your property) That means the retreat isn’t official until you can be paid in full. That target is typically hit within 4 ticket sales (quickly). More details in FAQ below.

Our Ideal Partnership

We feature you on our homepage. Promote you heavily across social and email. And waive our 12% booking fee.

To become an “Exclusive” property, we ask that you:
• Reserve at least 2 weeks of the year for our retreats, 4+ months in advance.
• Offer weekly pricing that can’t be beat anywhere else online.
• Can comfortably host groups of at least 10 people.


Q. Can anyone list their property?

Only business owners with high quality properties that are suitable for retreats with a minimum of 7 people or more are eligible. If we have doubts about the quality of your venue then we can not enlist you. Before approving any new listing we always check your identity to prevent fraud.

Q. How does this work with my calendar and prices?

Easy! You can quickly set your available retreat dates in your Retreaters booking-calendar or sync up with your existing (airbnb/ calendar using an ical-sync. Every date is different, so you can set a different price for every day. You can also decide the minimum of days that can be booked or if people can get a discount when they book more than x amount of days. And if you have extra optional services you’d like to include, add them to your listing, so that organizers can already include it in their booking!

Q. What is my risk?

The Retreaters model is simple: an organizer reserves your property and has time to pre-sale his/her tickets until your cancellation deadline (usually 30 – 60 days before the retreat, you decide). This way your funds are secured far in advance and you would still have time to fill up the dates if the goal is not reached. The risk is minimised because we all actively help the organizer with marketing your venue and filling up the retreat.

Q. How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to list and promote your property on our website. We only take a 12% booking-fee once your property is booked AND the presale campaign of the organizer was successful. That way we only get paid when you do and everybody has the same goal: to make the retreat a wonderful reality.

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